Information & Consultancy Services

English / 日本語

I provide the following services:

  • provide information on Scotland in Japanese through my website,, including:
    • Scotland FAQ – travel and living information and advice
    • Scotland News – what’s happening in Scotland
    • Fudangi no Scotland – what it’s like to live in Scotland
  • write about Scotland for the Japanese media, including:
    • Scotland – A Mystery and Fantasy Tour
    • Fudangi no Scotland
    • World 100 Cities: Scotland – Edinburgh & Glasgow
  • help other writers, translators, editors, TV production people, etc., by providing information about Scotland
    • Free information service. If the information is required as part of publishing/production work, I ask that my name be credited, with my website address, as acknowledgement.
    • Research services (hourly research fees apply)
    • Translation services (standard translation fees apply). Please note that copyright clearance must be obtained in order to use the translation in publication – please ask for details.
  • work with companies and organisations in Scotland who wish to promote themselves in Japan
    • Translation/interpreting services
    • Consultancy/advisory services
    • Branding services in conjunction with Brand Horizons

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