“UK/Scottish Cultural Consultant”

… is what I’ve got printed on my business card.

I quit my job in Scotland to come to Japan with my husband and decided to go freelance rather than look for another in-house position. So I had to print some cards, and after some pondering – should I include “interpreter” or “writer”? would “language services” be a good idea? – I went for this:

Yuno Dinnie
UK/Scottish Cultural Consultant

The last one naturally attracts most attention when I give my card, and not just because of its wordy length. “What sort of work do you do as a consult then?” is the question, and I included that line to solicit this very question.

So what do I do? Basically, what I am hoping to achieve is to be someone to whom people would turn for information about Scotland (and the UK). I want to tell people in Japan about Scotland, that’s me – a self-appointed PR officer for Scotland in Japan. My website, Scotlandjoho.com, is my platform for this activity, and I write stuff (in Japanese) about Scotland on my blog (Scotland FAQ, Scotland News) as part of my job in this capacity.

In addition to the things I do on the Internet, I also:

  • work as a writer, writing about Scotland
  • help other writers, translators, editors, TV production people, etc., by providing information about Scotland
  • work with companies and organisations in Scotland who wish to promote themselves in Japan

To expand a bit on the second line of work:

  • If I can answer questions using the information/knowledge I already have, I do so free of charge. If the information is required as part of publishing/production work, I ask that my name be credited, with my website address, as acknowledgement.
  • If I need to conduct research, I charge an hourly research fee.
  • If translation is required, I charge my standard translation fee. Please note that copyright clearance must be obtained in order to use the translation in publication – please ask for details.

So far I’ve only answered queries I could answer easily enough, so it’s all been pro bono until now, but I’m still hoping that all this will someday generate some income…

And all the help I’ve given companies/organisations so far has only amounted to translation work rather than anything as glamorous as “consulting”…

But hey, that’s the idea at least: if it’s something to do with Scotland, I’ll be happy to do it. Oh, and also anything to do with the UK in general (I do say “UK/Scottish Cultural Consultant”, after all). As to England, Wales and Northern Ireland – I’m sure there are other people who are more knowledgeable than me, but if you insist, yeah I’ll do those areas too…

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